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Book 3: Mjoika,the continuation and finale of Ajlek's story.

In Ajlek: The Ajnastazzi of Weyland, Ajlek came of age, overcoming those who attempted to destroy him and his beloved Dajhanin. In Kahyani, he grew into his role as the leader of the Dajhanin, finally shedding the darkness of his youth to begin the journey toward fulfilling his destiny. Now, three years have passed, and everyone is living in relative peace, but will it last?

   Ajlek and the Dajhanin now find themselves faced with a series of unexpected events that could change everything they know about who they are and where they belong. At the same time, an insidious and deadly threat appears in civilization, one that the people there have no hope of overcoming. Ajlek is thrust into a perplexing world where he’s racing the clock to solve the life-threatening mystery facing the Dajhanin, while at the same time searching for a way to save the people he loves in civilization. To fail at either will mean the end of them all.


Ajlek: the Ajnastazzi of Weyland, Kahyani, and Mjoika are available at Amazon and lulu.com

The three books in the Ajlek Series:

Ajlek Kahyani