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Pronunciation Guide

Ajlek - \a\’ lik: - (a-as in apple, silent “j”)- Bill’s son - Kahyani to the Dajhanin
Ajnastazzi – \a\-nuh stäh’ zee (\a\ as in “apple”, silent “j”) - Elite form of Dajhanin
Daji - Dah’ gee - Hormone from Dajhia
Dajhia - Dah’ shia - Gland that produces the Daji, the Dajhanin hormone
Dajhanin - Däh sha neen’ - Mysterious people of the mountains who possess a unique gland, the Dajhia
Ejlek - Eh’ lek – Ajlek’s twin brother, the middle child of what were triplets, (Ajlek, Ejlek, Ijlek)
Fahrachen Khen – F’-rock’-n Ken - Giant mountain, part of the Ojberdine Mountain Range, and which separates the Ojberdine Mountains from the Haijlan Mountains
Fahrachen Mir – F’-rock’-n Meer - Last major peak of the Haijlan Mountains before the Ojberdine Mountains
Ghiladi - Jee – lah’ dee - Extinct volcano deep within the Ojberdine Mountains and west of the Ajnastazzi Valley.
Haijlan - High’ lun - The name of the mountain range nearest to civilization
Hojlahenna – Hole ah henna’ – The original name of the Mjoika.
Ihlian - Eye’ lee un - Lohni’s father, who disappeared before Ajlek was born.
Ijlek – Eye’ lek – deceased triplet of Ajlek and Ejlek
Kahyani - Key yah’ nee - Exceptional man who was promised by previous Kahyani to return to the Dajhanin and keep them from harm
Lohni - Lah’ nee - Ajlek’s natural Ajnastazzi father
Mjoika - Moy’ ka - A tree that grows where Dajhanin are found.
Ojberdine - Ōh’ ber deen - Mountain range beyond Haijlans
Qualor - Kwa’ lor - Aaron’s stallion
Sajbin - Sah’-ben - Ihlian’s new stallion
Sazari - Sa-Zah’-ree - Ihlian’s first stallion
Schrock - Shrock - ( like “rock”) Dress worn by female Dajhanin in warm weather
Seléra - Si leh’ ruh - Lohni’s horse
Silán - Si Lahn’ - Ejlek’s stallion
Simaji - Si mah’ gee – Ajlek’s stallion, reincarnation of an earlier Simaji

            - M. D. Morris